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Arcee releases new repo of LLMOps tools

Check out our new Model-Tools repository on Github: a collection of custom tools, scripts and more to boost your LLMOps capabilities.

Arcee releases new repo of LLMOps tools

As part of our continuous effort to innovate and share our journey with the AI community, we're thrilled to introduce our Model-Tools repository on GitHub.

🔍 What's in the ToolBox?

The Model-Tools repo is a collection of custom tools, scripts, and experiments–and a treasure trove of solutions–aimed at enhancing, testing, and simplifying operations on Large Language Models.

Here's just some of what you'll find:
• Practical tools that simplify insight processes in LLM analytics and telemetry, such as a GUI frontend for the LLM Eval Harness and a Model Difference Examiner that produces a report on model shape and config mismatches.
• An EasyPeftGUI that interactively asks the user for a base model and adapter and saves the result.
• Highly experimental scripts based on common and novel optimization processes (coming soon!).

👨‍💻 Behind the Scenes

The LLM Model-Tools repository is the culmination of numerous hours of gap-filling problem spaces found in model analytics and modification. These tools were born out of a simple philosophy: if there's a recurring problem or an inefficiency, why not solve it?

The necessity for these solutions is exponentially compounded in this experimental space of language model merges, speculative optimizations, and enhancements that reshape a model's fundamental structures.

Today we're taking a step forward by opening the Model-Tools repository, where we'll share our various in-house tools with the open source community. If even one person benefits, then we all benefit.

📈 Looking Ahead

At this time the LLM Model-Tools repository has been established with just a handful of entries–but it's growing, and fast. With our numerous tools developed in-house undergoing refinement and documentation, several new scripts and solutions are on the way.

As we build this repo, we invite you to explore our it and see how we can augment your development process. Your feedback, contributions, and insights are the most valuable part of our focus on benefitting the open source and AI technology development communities.

We look forward to hearing from you! Find the new repo here: Model-Tools.