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24 AI influencers to follow for 2024

24 AI influencers to follow for 2024

2024 is poised to be the year of AI adoption across businesses and the consumer sector. At Arcee, our goal is to continue sharing insights from both our team and other domain experts, so that we empower every business with the knowledge and ability to leverage this phenomenal technology.

As more people look to exploring the power of generative AI and LLMs, we thought it'd be a good place to start with sharing some of our favorite influencers on LinkedIn. The list below is presented in no particular order, but includes thought leaders fitting for a wide range of audience, from LLM novice to seasoned applied NLP researchers. So, without further ado...👇

Top AI influencers to follow in 2024 👀

Albert Chun

As Director of AI Operations at Invisible Technologies, Albert oversees a team shaping one of the world's leading LLMs, offering valuable insights into cutting-edge development and real-world deployment. Follow Albert for practical advice on getting started in a career in LLM.

Rachel Woods

Rachel is the CEO of The AI Exchange. She shares a host of insights on how to apply AI in your work. Following Rachel keeps you plugged into the pulse of the AI world, with both insider knowledge and digestible content at your fingertips.

Lex Fridman

If you're not following Lex on Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you should. Lex interviews some intriguing guests on subject matters from a wide range of fields, many of them at the intersection of industry and AI.

Allie Miller

Allie spent 3 years heading up ML for startups at AWS. She also has an abundance of experience advising Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and startups on applying AI and ML. Allie is a great follow for content on the advances and challenges of AI.

Reuven Cohen

Reuven advises companies on AI and ML at EY. He is an experienced entrepreneur and has served executive roles across a number of technology companies. Tune into Reuven's posts for the best and up to date tips and tricks in prompting LLMs.

Sahar Mor

Sahar is the Editor of AI Tidbits, helping AI researchers and engineers stay on top of the latest developments in AI in less than two minutes a week. Previously, Sahar led LLM strategy at Stripe. Sahar’s content is great for those wanting to keep up with the latest in AI research.

Aman Chadha

Aman leads Generative AI efforts at AWS. He has an esteemed practical AI research track record at companies like Apple and Qualcomm. Follow Aman for the latest cutting edge research coming out of Amazon AWS.

Philipp Schmid

A pioneer on all things open source LLM. Philipp has a ton of amazing content on how to deploy the Hugging Face tools to production in various cloud environments such as AWS Sagemaker.

Chip Huyen

Chip is the co-founder of Claypot AI, a platform for real-time ML. She has two degrees in CS from Stanford, and has also spent time working on deep learning at NVidia. Chip shares amazing content at the intersection of LLM research and applied LLM.

Tanya Dua

Tanya is a prolific journalist covering the technology space, having previously spent 5+ years at Business Insider. Tanya now covers a wide range of news and advancements in AI at LinkedIn.

Aleksa Gordić

Former DeepMind engineer and author of YugoGPT. Follow Aleksa on YouTube for the latest news and detailed paper walkthroughs.

Aladdin Persson

Aladdin shares amazing YouTube videos with walkthroughs of implementing the top AI + LLM papers from scratch, along with github repos with all the code.

Ian Goodfellow

Ian is a Research Scientist at DeepMind, and previously spent time leading AI research at Apple and Googole. Ian co-authored the seminal book "Deep Learning" along with Yoshua Benjio, and is a great source of deep theoretical AI knowledge.

Scott Taylor

Scott has worked with a large number of global enterprises and technology companies to help with navigating and solving data challenges. He is a must follow for actionable insights on all things data.

Nathan Lambert

Nathan is a research scientist at the Allen Institute for AI. He previously led the RLHF (reinforcement learning from human feedback) team at Hugging Face. Nathan’s content is great for those looking for credible resources on RLHF and fine-tuning LLMs.

Andrej Karpathy

Andrej Karpathy is currently at OpenAI and is the former head of AI at Tesla. Follow him for some of the most accessible educational content on training and building LLMs.

Andrea (Andi) Huels

Andi is Head of Global Growth & Strategy at RadiusAI, and was previously head of AI at Lenovo. Her insights on the latest advancements and practical applications make her a must-follow for staying ahead of the AI game.

Daniel Faggella

Daniel is Head of Research at Emerj AI Research and an expert in AI with a deep understanding of its potential benefits and risks. He has written and spoken extensively about the implications of AI, making him a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this rapidly developing field.

Andrew Ng

Andrew has been a pioneer in AI for over two decades. He is most known for being co-founder of Coursera. Andrew is also a prolific writer, speaker, and educator. He has published numerous research papers and books on AI, and he is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. Follow Andrew for accessible educational content on the latest developments in AI research and application.

Fei-Fei Li

Fei-Fei is a trailblazer in AI research. Her research interests include machine learning, computer vision, and robotics, which are all core areas of AI. She is a must follow if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest research and learn from one of the best in the field.

Karen Hao

Karen is an award-winning journalist covering AI and society. She has experience reporting and writing for world class media publications like The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, amd MIT Technology Review. Her work has been recognized with awards and featured in universities around the world.

Timnit Gebru

Dr. Gebru's pioneering work in algorithmic bias and social impacts of AI, coupled with her co-founding of Black in AI, positions her as a leading voice for ethical and inclusive technology. Following Dr. Gebru's content promises to keep you informed about the crucial conversations pushing for a more just and equitable future of AI.

Jeremy Howard

Founder of Fast AI and the highly influential and novel Deep Learning for Coders MOOC.  Jeremy's Fast AI book and pytorch-based library are some of the best ways to take the leap into hand-on deep learning.

Clem Delangue

Clem co-founder and CEO of Hugging Face. He is passionate about the power of open source LLMs and the potential of democratizing access to AI. Follow up for the latest on OS LLM developments both in and outside of the Hugging Face ecosystem.

We hope this list is helpful in getting your 2024 LLM journey started!

P.S. Did we miss anyone? Let us know here!